Friday, October 8, 2010

...was rusty and ashamed, but still here for some musings

a few random thoughts for today:

-Fall, I know you can do it if you try. Just stick with it. You did SO well last week. And, I love you. That is all.

-peroxide = amazing. i cut my foot and bled (ew! weird and gross to even type - sorry) on my couch. peroxide stepped in and oxidized it all away. (bio)chemistry win. and it's cheap! some of you may be wondering about my future career filled with blood and guts, yet shying away from typing "bled." let me set you straight - i am only antsy about my own personal gore. everyone else's is fair game.

-i just betsy-ross'd my undergarments. as most of you know, i live in a humble abode (ahem, tree house) that is without washer/dryer. so, today, in a fit of desperation (or dare i say declaration?), i hand-washed with woolite some of my faves. Then, in the peak of this way too hot "indian summer," i hung them out to dry on my drying rack. they were sopping wet with just my hand-wringing and no spin-dry, but now they're dry! i'm telling you, a little colonial times never hurt anyone. colonial times or everyday regular times for plenty of my developing-world friends :)

-next up is a rant. i had several back-to-back things scheduled today and had to grab a quick bite out for lunch. i stopped by roly poly and ordered my usual - a half #30 (basil cashew chicken) on wheat with chicken instead of chicken salad. now, why would one choose to order it this way? hmmm perhaps to avoid all of the lurking sneaky grossy mayonnaise that is hiding in their chicken salad? ding ding ding! well, much to my surprise, I received a whole (rather than half) sandwich (didn't have time to contest it/get my refund - the receipt they printed and i signed had like 0.5 microliters of ink on it so i couldn't read my total...)... and it there it was. my wrap, chicken rather than chicken salad, with wrap slathered in my most hated icky condiment. boo roly poly and boo man who made my order for being dumb/not health-conscious.

ok... i think that's it. that and i'm reading (listening to...) the secret life of bees right now and really enjoying it.


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