Thursday, April 14, 2011

decided to do a 30 days of blogging dealio...

Day 1-Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts

So, I'm Fran. I'm a 4th year medical student on the very verge of being a doctor. To quote the dating profile of two of my closest comrades (and I mean every word of it): "I'm awesome; no, really."

So... without further adieu... here's me. More specifically, on match day, truly happy and relieved, celebrating with dear friends.

1. I'm an excellent procrastinator. In fact, my landlord told me that he'd be showing my apartment to future renters on Friday (aka tomorrow), so I decided to rejoin the blogging world. See how this works?

2. I have a crooked left long finger. No, I did not break it. It came that way. My dad's is similarly crooked.

3. I am the 2nd child in a longish lineup, but I embody much of the oldest child pathology/personality.

4. I played the french horn for 7 years of my life; I was ok at it. It occasionally comes back out around the holidays.

5. If my friend hadn't introduced me to Google Reader, I probably would never read blogs and I DEFINITELY would not have created my own.

6. I lived in Homestead, FL, for the summer of 2006 and worked half-time at a free medical clinic and half time at a free day camp for children in the area. It was an amazing summer and changed me profoundly. I think about Homestead - its people, its story, its colors and smells - almost daily.

7. I went to Auburn University, a large state school in southeastern Alabama. I get mixed reactions when I tell people this, particularly if they have preconceived notions about the school -- mostly surprise that I went there. I had an amazing time there and got an incredible education. I also escaped without student loans, which has meant so so so much as a medical student in deep deep debt.

8. Random subjects I love that make me really really nerdy: etymology, embryology, classics, grammar, psychology - particularly theories of personality and addiction.

9. Because of #8 and the fact that I love Top 40 as much as the next Snooki, I am a huge lover of board games - especially trivia ones and especially when I win.

10. I have never owned a dog myself (we had outdoor family dogs through the years), but I have developed an appreciation for my friends' pets and how they enrich their lives. Shout out to Nora, Bella, Poppy, Benson, and Heyward.

11. I could watch re-runs of the Cosby Show for hours. One of my favorite aspects of this show is the credits.

12. I love cooking. Most of the time it results in delicious creations, but occasionally I fail. To the people who get frustrated when their first kitchen creations don't turn out perfectly, I like to harken back to my childhood years where my gal pal summers-long playdate, Laura, and I would film ourselves doing cooking shows in each of our parents' kitchens and sometimes outdoor mud-pie kitchens. Sometimes we would offer to cook and serve them dinner, playing restaurant. A lot of time, the plates came back with hardly any food eaten off of them. We threw out probably 99% of what we made (thus being relegated to mud pies). Only after years and years of failure am I reaping the benefits of my childhood misadventures. I still have much much much to learn about cooking, but I do enjoy it :)

13. I live in a 1BR apartment and it contains 2 machines capable of playing VHS. 21st century, what?

14. I am, in general, overwhelmed and depressed by politics.

15. I LIVE for observing, dissecting, and discussing interpersonal dynamics; I think that somehow this will make me a better doctor - it definitely is part of what I hope will keep it interesting for me.