Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ate a halloween oreo while singing happy birthday with > 100 adults

a little glimpse of peds (pediatrics)...

-my residents: they're awesome. we have an intern (uasom grad, a little syrupy sweet, angelic voice with the patients...), a psych intern who wants to do child psych (she. is. awesome. i want to be her friend in real life. if you have psych after march, she'll be there.), a resident (unmarried and kind of has a complex about it. cute but kind of stand off ish. the least peds-y of the residents i've worked with. very bright, though. and watches "real housewives of ATL," which makes me trust her more.), and my attending, the director of uab's med-peds residency program and the only man on our team, is phenomenal. G, a PGYIII swears she's learned so much just from 2weeks on service with him. He has reasons for everything he does, gives EXCELLENT and constant feedback, and is always encouraging as he tells us how we can improve.

-the environment: let me paint you a picture. Today after being on call, going to morning report (which i'm loving...missed it on surgery), and rounding... we have our "chalktalk" (mini daily informal topical lecture by one attending at a time) cancelled because of what i'm about to tell you about = a halloween recruiting kickoff. scheduled from 11:30-1:00. not for recruits, but to get the residents and attendings excited about recruiting future residents. attendings, residents, interns, and their children were all invited and in costume. There were pizzas, halloween oreos, and other such goodies. Adults and children in costume galore. Residents answered a brief questionnaire giving feedback about their own interviews and dropped these sheets in a pumpkin bucket from which door prizes were drawn. The "kickoff" included skits (both live and recorded on of which was a project runway spinoff where they designed outfits out of the yellow contact precaution gowns...and they really modeled them for us. there was beadazzling. and fringe. and use of hot glue guns.), costume contests for adults and kids, announcements of where the resident-interview meals will be taking place this year, etc. All was concluded by singing happy birthday to the Pediatrics department head, an attending, and a resident who share halloween as a birthday. Everyone at this event. >100 people (adults) singing happy birthday. not a quiet mouse in the bunch. Un. real.

my partner: kd (for her protection). she is super sweet, we have a great time talking to each other. she is not cut throat in the least but we definitely want to improve. our attending does a great job of setting a tone of "we are not here to compete. there is no such thing as showing each other up." i love him. and i love my partner. could not have lucked out more.

the bad news of all this: we lose our residents like tomorrow, and our attending on monday. We've heard the residents coming on are really nice, but we have no clue who the attending is... nervous. there are some really bad ones.

anyways, my general impression is that it's hard to tell whether or not i like it. the two patients kd and i picked up last night were both wheezers. there is no loss of interesting cases, it has just been a little slow to start. however, the pts and families have all been great. i guess i just hate feeling so thrown -- all #s of familiarity are inaccurate and ever changing as kids grow up: vital signs, lab values, acid/base, rx doses and choices... they're all wrong. that, and the H&P questions are markedly different for peds. also, my residents, b/c we're new and b/c kids are fragile, have been watching me do my h&p's and physical exams. i think that's really really awkward, and have not enjoyed it.'s very friendly and i can't wait til i feel like i know a little bit more!


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  2. yay! glad you've rejoined the blogosphere. love your updates. and love that your post made me want a halloween oreo (even if it is 10:54am).

    love you,